Basis of technology
The threats are always identified in their completely unknown state, thus delivering equal protection from past as well as future yet to be created cyber threats.
Known source information
Processes of the local computer are the backbone and the events of the local computer form the Known Source Information
Real Time Protection
Protection is not based on any whitelist or blacklist database, but a factor of a sequence of trigger events analyzed in Real Time.
User Independent
Protection is delivered when the user launches a hacking component believing it to be a safe file, and when the user of the computer clicks on a Phishing link judging it to be a safe url based on visual inspection
Fully Proactive
With no reactive components and protection delivered in real time and threats always identified in their unknown state, the protection is fully proactive and prevents any damage / compromise.
Threat Immune Environment
The hacking components do not reach the RAM of the local computer and the Phishing sites do not load in the browser, creating a Threat Immune Environment - this is the way Cyber Security should have always been

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