Cyber hacking has been termed a bigger threat than terrorism. For decades now we have relied on reactive technologies for cyber security that essentially wait for damage to happen first. Once hacked the damage is done.

Experts agree that a fully proactive solution is a desperate need, and that current layered cyber security technologies cannot deliver the proactive protection needed.Foiler is based on a completely new and proven cyber security technology, and does not use any component of signatures, behavior (heuristics), firewalls, policies etc that are known to the world currently. It identifies threats always in their unknown state, ensuring equally effective protection from past and future yet to be created unknown threats.
Foiler is designed to fill the void arising from the user taking an action that causes the computer to be hacked or become a phishing victim. Foiler does not rely on any whitelist or blacklist database, but delivers real time protection using the Processes of the local computer and the trigger events as the known source information.

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Past And Future Unknown Threats

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