Our Mission

For too long the world has relied on reactive technologies for cyber security that wait for damage to happen. This is useless when it comes to targeted hacking or phishing, as once the damage happens it is just too late. Given the huge scale of cyber crime in a world of about two billion computers,infrastructure and economy can be controlled by hackers. We set to change this.

IT Leaders and Cyber Security Experts say a completely new technology from the ground up is needed to prevent compromise from hacking. Especially since it is the employee within the organization that launches the hacking component, believing it be genuine based on visual inspection. Based on a completely new technology that identifies hacking and phishing attempts in their "completely unknown state", Foiler is the world's first solution that creates a hacker immune and phishing resistant environment.

Experts speak

Experts say "Its time to rethink Cyber Security Architecture from the ground up".
Experts Question Wisdom Of Current 'Layered' Cyberdefense Strategies, and say "There's just one problem: It isn't working."
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Cybersecurity Action Not Reaction Needed to Avoid Disaster
IT Leaders and Cyber Security Experts addressing a joint House committee, stated current technologies are simply too reactive and after the fact.
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